Ebeltoft gågade par med klapvognTræskibshavn Ebeltoft

Ebeltoft - Tourist town no. 1 on Djursland

Ebeltoft's old town centre oozes of nostalgia. Cafés, restaurants and interesting shops are located idyllically in the winding medieval streets with cobblestones, half-timbered houses and hollyhocks. The town of Ebeltoft, with its historic town environment, is part of the national park. The town square is the heart of Ebeltoft, where market merchants, watchmen and the old town hall form a unique setting. Here, many tourists for example enjoy the weekly jazz concert.

There are activities all year round in Ebeltoft. Meet the Molboers in the town streets during the summer months, listen to jazz in the square starting Whitsun Saturday, and there is also the car-boot market during Sundays as well as the summer party. During the autumn holiday, there is the Ebel festival, where you and your family are invited to see and experience activities focused on apples.

See the activity calendar and much more about Ebeltoft on www.ebeltoftby.dk

Ebeltoft, the cosy commercial town, are the citizens proud of, and it is matter of honour for them to make tourists feel welcome. Furthermore, Ebeltoft has the widest selection of grocery shops in Djursland.

The old town hall in Ebeltoft is used by citizens and guests of the town for weddings. Couples from all over Denmark, and often other countries as well, come to Ebeltoft to be married in this old, charming town hall, which is also a museum that is open to the public during the summer. The old town hall, which is the town's nationally known landmark, also contains Museum Østjylland. The watchmen are a beautiful and atmospheric attraction. During the peak season, the watchmen do their rounds in Ebeltoft from the stairs in front of the old town hall, and their
clear singing voices can be heard from far away. When Christmas is approaching, the watchmen can also be heard and seen as they patrol the old streets.

Ebeltoft is home to the frigate Fregatten Jylland - the longest wooden ship in the world, as well as the glass museum Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, which is known throughout the world for its unique collection of international modern glass art. Not far from the town of Ebeltoft, you will find Ree Park - Ebeltoft Safari, where you can get close to animals from all over the world.

The frigate Fregatten Jylland's harbour for wooden ships is the ideal port of call for yatchting enthusiasts. The harbour is equipped with completely new bathroom facilities. Here, you can enjoy the "unique" atmosphere under the frigate's master and watch the activities on the ship and the shipyard. The harbour is an official wooden ship union (Træskibssammenslutningen). 

Close to Ebeltoft, you will find a 10 km mountain bike track that has been given good reviews from MTB clubs in Denmark. Furthermore, there is a discgolf course, which is a combination of a golf and frisbee course. With its close proximity to water, Ebeltoft has the particularly interesting harbour environment as well as a number of popular bathing beaches. Ahl beach and Ebeltoft Bay beach are both very child-friendly. Furthermore, there is Dråby beach and Boeslum beach on the east coast. The bay Ebeltoft Vig is not just a great place for tourists during the summer. Come to the meeting place HORISONTEN and feel the sand between your toes. With your whole family, you can use the training equipment, play beach volleyball and participate in nature mediation activities or in special events for children. HORISONTEN is open from Whitsun to week 32 and is located close to the glass museum and the frigate Jylland in walking distance of the city centre of Ebeltoft.